Who Is Tammi?

True was a dancer at the Carousel Club in downtown Dallas during the 1960s. Jack Ruby was the owner. She, along with other dancers like Kathy Kay, headlined nightly events. You can see her name in a billboard from the 1960s in this Dallas Morning News file photo. She is also pictured in a Deep Ellum mural at 2616 Commerce Street.

True and other dancers made about $150 a week and, ”ended their acts with bare breasts, but the law required strategic places to be covered with adhesive 'pasties,' often adorned with glittering sequins and tassels. Bikini-style pants usually covered their bottoms,” wrote reporter Scott Parks in an interview last year with Carousel dancer Joyce Gordon, who's pictured sitting on a police car in the Deep Ellum mural. ”These girls today go down to nothin’,” Gordon said.
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Tammi True